I write about love all the time but how often do any of us have time to stop and reflect and be grateful for the relationships in our lives.
I am amazingly lucky to have found my perfect match. He is far beyond anything I could have imagined, his finest quality is his ability to love without reservation. That’s not something many people including myself can do. I have a multitude of conditions tied to my own ability to give love, including attitude, appearance and behaviour. Strangely enough those conditions don’t extend to my children. With them i find it easy to love unconditionally. Unlike my relationship with my partner it doesn’t matter what they say or do my love remains undiminished.
The same can be said for my pets. My three puppies are going through a seriously destructive phase. Including the destruction of two sofas, miles of wallpaper, curtains, shoes, not to mention wires, toys and a multitude of other stolen items but none of it matters, my love for them remains unaltered.
Which I why I wonder why relationships between men and women can’t be expressed in the same way. Why do we quit when things aren’t perfect? Why do we expect so much more from a partnership than any other relationship in our life?
I believe the answer is because we can. Literature and movies have produced the idea of a perfect relationship which we’re all now endlessly searching for, whilst callously disguarding anyone who doesn’t match up to our own idea of perfection. Is this a bad thing? I’m not all together sure, but I do wonder if we we’re able to love a partner with the same unconditional love as a child, would it be easier to find and keep that perfect love?


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