No gaurentees

img_20150906_154908.jpgWe are all lead to believe that parents automatically feel an overwhelming sense of love and responsibility for their offspring.  However this is simply not true.  Throughout the world there are multiple examples,  both human and animal,  of parents who feel nothing at all towards their offspring.  So what happens if you’re the recipient of this lack of maternal or paternal care?

It is perfectly normal to feel a sense of rejection,  to be filled with insecurities,  that you are in some way lacking.  Many people’s whole lives are damaged by a lack of parental concern,  but it’s time to take your life back.

1. Try to view yourself as a seperate entity from your parent.

2. Examine who they are as a person. Are they self envolved?  Emotionally damaged? Drug or alcohol dependant?  Emotionally retarded?  There could be a million reasons for their behaviour,  once you start to critically evaluate the situation you will begin to understand that it is all about them and nothing to do with you.

3. Build up your self confidence in who you are as an individual.

4. Make a list of your own qualities.  If you find it difficult to do ask someone you trust to help.

5. This is the most important point,  believe you are worthy of love.  The most damaging aspect of careless parents is that the recipient believes they are worthless and subconciously gravitates towards people who treat them badly.  Which in turn reinforces the idea.

Unfortunately we cannot choose who our parents are,  but you can choose how much power their behaviour has on your future.  So today is your day,  take your power back.



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