Give people your time and attention this Christmas

Christmas can be an extremely busy time of year, especially for those with full time jobs and children. Dashing from Christmas shopping to numerous parties, plays and events is exhilarating, but Christmas isn’t like that for everyone. 

For a moment please pause and think of your own family and friends. How many of you only pop into see your parents for half an hour a few days before Christmas and leave all your presents there for them to distribute because you haven’t got the time.

Or wish a friend or colleague Merry Christmas knowing full well that they will be sat alone on Christmas day.

Christmas isn’t about presents or parties, it’s about sharing love and kindness with those around us. So this year please take the opportunity to do something really special. Forget about buying the million expensive presents your kids don’t really need and the guilt gifts you usually send to friends and relatives and instead invite them to your home and give them your time and attention. I can promise you it will be the one gift they will never forget. 


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