How to measure love.

Over the years I’ve had this conversation with a worry number of people and it never stops amazing me how many people continue to drift into toxic or pointless relationships with partners who obviously don’t care.

Love is not about looks or money. It cannot be defined with empty works and false promises. It’s far more than grand gestures and expensive gifts. For long lasting love it’s all the little things that matter.

Wanting to spend time with that person, talking, laughing,crying, dreaming. Being interested in everything to do with their life just because it’s important to them. Offering your own strength when life is bad and they feel they have none of their own.

Sharing the good times and bad.  Trying to do just that little bit more than your share of the chores and bills to make their life a bit easier. Putting them first, without having to be asked . Telling them they look beautiful and meaning it, even when they’re having an off day.

They should be the centre of your world. The person you automatically want to share your thoughts with. The person you hurry home to. The one you think about when a special song comes on the radio. They’re the person that in your eyes no one else measures up to . The one you dream of growing old with.

If what you have is less than all that , then in my opinion it’s not enough  and your selling yourself short. The next time your partner is ignoring you, putting you down, staying out all night, just remember it’s not love no matter what pretty words they use because love is so much more.


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