Don’t accept bad attitudes. – rudeness is just another form of abuse.

Pre social media bullying was limited to actually  face to face contact, but now thanks to the advances in technology it can invade every aspect of your life. Trolling has become a fashionable pass time that every bitter, twisted, dissatisfied with life, individual has taken to with undisguised glee. 

Thanks to the connection with like minded people they now believe they have the right to make nasty comments on every thought and image posted by anyone on social media.

Unfortunately since sites like Facebook choose not to intervene it’s down to you to deal with the problem. Should you accept the abuse and criticism ? Apsolutly not! You wouldn’t listen to a complete stranger being abusive in the street so don’t do it online. Press the block button, remove their comments , it’s your page and you don’t have to have any thing on it that doesn’t make you happy .

More importantly dismiss them from your mind and don’t allow them to upset you. No matter what hurtful things are written it’s not a reflection on you. It’s the direct result of some unpleasant person, with low self-esteem trying to make themselves feel better and more often than not the comments made towards you are how they feel about themselves. 

Bullying in all forms requires you to participate for it to be successful. Bullies only have the ability to hurt you if you give it to them, so don’t. Be honest with yourself, is everyone  going to like you? No. Will everyone like the way you look? No. Will everyone agree with what you have to say? No. Does it actually matter? Not in the slightest!

The only person who has to like you is you. So ignore the haters, don’t waste a second of your day on their bile and happy surfing.


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