Never give up on your children.

I am very lucky to be part of a large complicated family, made up from several relationships, with a mix of siblings and half siblings and step children. This experience, whilst often being very trying taught me one very valuable lesson. Under no circumstances do you ever give up on your children.

They are your choice and responsibility for a lifetime. Sometimes they can drive you crazy, sometimes they make dangerous, stupid decisions. Sometimes you could happily murder them, but ultimately you are the person they should be able to depend on. You’re the one safe haven available as they try to negotiate their way through the world. 

1. Always try to keep communication open. I personally believe in being honest with my children and being willing to discuss any subject. If they grow up being able to talk about anything, then hopefully when they have a problem they will feel able to tell you.

2. Be honest about what kind of person they are and love them anyway.

3. Accept their life choices are not necessarily the same as your.

4. Always be on their side. I am the first to tell my kids if I think they are in the wrong , but I never side against them . Ultimately right or wrong they’re mine.

5. Tell them you love them and that your proud of them . Everyone needs to know they’re wanted .

6. Enjoy them , they are your family .



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