Take responsibility!

I constantly hear the phrase ‘ why does it happen to me’ and I have to say I find it infuriating. On the whole we do not drift through life on a whim, the things that happen are usually a direct response to our own behaviour. I’m not saying you can take responsibility for everything but it is time to take responsibility for the things that you can .

Being in a relationship takes work. If you allegedly love someone then you have a responsibility to take their thoughts and feelings in to account. The minute you offer someone a commitment then you are not free to do as you please . You should make adjustments to your lifestyle and if you’re not prepared to then be honest , you don’t love them. You cannot treat someone like a convenience and then be surprised when they don’t stick around .

If you have children then that is the biggest responsibility you will ever have. They didn’t choose to be born, you chose to have them so their health, happiness and wellbeing is your responsibility for a lifetime. They do come before partners, friends, hobbies, your social life and everything else. If you’re short of money then their needs must come first. If you cannot do that then you shouldn’t have children.

Life is a long series of decisions, which once made you have to live with the consequences. So instead of weeping and wailing, face up to  it, enjoy it, but most importantly take charge, own your decision and take the responsibility to build the life you actually want.


3 thoughts on “Take responsibility!

  1. We couldn´t have said it any better. Mr Midnight says that human beings must take self-responsibility for their lives if they are to be happy and satisfied. Even negative experiences have a postive edge if we have the courage to delve into the reasons for our dilemmas. Sir Winston adds that ALL BEINGS (especially human!) lead the life they have at present because of the decisions they made in the past. First comes thought, then action and then the outcome so it is better if why try to accept that what we do today will have some bearing on our futures.
    There may be somoe logic to what my two furry friends think on this subject but I´m not going to tell them that because they already think they are clever clogs. Kindest regards from the “Gilmours Nice Place” blog. 🙂

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