Love is worth the risk 

I know we’re all looking for that perfect relationship. The harmonious union of two hhearts and minds in perfect sync, but in reality you’re going to kiss a whole lot of frogs first and even then, your perfect partner is highly likely to drive you
nuts on a regular basis.So are failed relationships something to be ashamed of? The answer is quite definitely NO!
Part of growing as a person is the willingness to take chances and experience all that life has to offer.
You might have an idea in your mind about what your ideal partner should be like, but how do you actually know if you never give anyone a chance.
So starting from today take a risk, if youre not already attached start planning to talk to one new person and agree to go out on a date with someone you wouldn’t normally consider at least once a month. You never know what is going to happen in the future but at the very least you’ll gain new perspective and new friends. Good luck.


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