Happy ever after, takes work!

As a romance writer I spend a great deal of time studying relationships and in my opinion there has been a sad decline in the number of people who really find their own happily ever after. 

There’s too much of a sense of emergency about relationships now. Films, books, songs all sing the praises of instant gratification rather than long term happiness, but forever is a perfectly achievable aim. With a bit of common sense and a willingness to work anyone can find their lifelong partner.

1. The first rule is to stop rushing headlong into instant gratification. There is considerably more to life than sex, especially as you get older.

2. Be honest about how you feel about the person. Do you like who they are? How they live their life? How they treat other people?

3. This is the most important rule, TALK!!!! Find out what they want from life. What their thoughts and opinions are, their morals, interests, desires. Once you know, be honest, are they actually compatible with your own?

4. Once you’ve got your partner don’t take them for granted. All relationships require time and attention to thrive.

5. Be supportive and interested in all aspects of their life. 

6. Make the effort with their family and friends.

7. Be an active part of their life, join in with hobbies and interests or at the very least ask about them .

8. Remember to say I love you . Tell them regularly why they are important to you. Compliment them, do things you know will make them happy for no other reason than their pleasure .

There is no huge secret to having a successful relationship and the same rules could equally be applied to friends and family . People need to be appreciated, wanted for themselves and not for what they have. Give it a try and be happy x


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