Remember respect. #debatewithlove

Since I try not to write anything political on my blog, I have deliberately avoided posting anything about the UK referendum. However a worrying trend in people’s attitudes has become very apparent. 

It is never acceptable to ignore, bully or browbeat people into abiding by your opinion regardless of the situation. In all things it is important to remember we are lucky enough to be born in a country with freedom of speech, thought and action. But with freedom comes responsibility and that responsibility includes treating  others with respect .

If you’re unclear what that actually involves, ask yourself honestly if you do the following things:

1. Accept that others are entitled to an opinion which may not be the same as yours .

2. Listen to the other person’s opinion without shouting them down or belittling them.

3. Make the effort to find out the facts of the debate from a wide range of unbiased sources.

4. Consider if your own opinions are clouded by personal prejudice.

5. Remember that personal relationships are always more important than any difference of opinion .

If we all remember to treat others with respect, then relationships improve and the quality of debate is also improves . It doesn’t take much, only time, consideration and respect , surely that’s not much to ask .


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