New puppy and other distractions.


I find at this busy time of year that I have a multitude of jobs and distractions that hinder the writing process. Since I’m lucky enough to live on a small holding. There’s hay making to do, field management, battling with the ever growing, excessive number of weeds. Vegetable plots to dig and seedlings to plant. Plus all the normal tasks associated with an abundance of animals.
As an added distraction this month Tallulah has produced a beautiful puppy which we’ve decided to name Pudding, for obvious reasons. Unfortunately Tallulah is not what you’d describe as a natural mother, she’d much rather be chasing the two builders who are busy refurbishing one of our outbuildings.
So all in all I find myself with a lack of time or inspiration. I did finally write 20,000 words yesterday, but today I find myself completely uninterested in the project. So with Pudding on my knee, Peanut and Tallulah on the sofa beside me and Sky at my feet I shall endeavour to renew normal working practises. Wish me luck.