Personality and creativity


Movies would have you believe that to be a successful writer that you need to be sat behind a large desk surrounded by books, I would have to disagree.
Creativity is influenced by personality and to make the most of your own talents you need to understand yourself and the way that you are inspired not try to mould yourself into someone else’s ideal.
I’m a chaotic person, with a short attention span. I do my best plot planning when I’m out riding or mucking out my stables. I don’t own a study nor do I want one. I write in the living room surrounded by my dogs and cats, usually with the television blasting and one eye on the conversation I’m having on WhatsApp.
Other people may prefer complete silence or a special chair or pen. My point is it doesn’t matter. There is no right or wrong. Do what feels right to you and don’t be afraid to be different. Writing is an art form which comes from the soul and that’s your soul not anyone else’s so whatever you need to inspire you is what you should use.
Creativity needs freedom, space to grow and develop for that some need order and planning, other’s need noise, music, chaos. Close your eyes and concentrate on your happy place. The one place you feel inspired and where ever it is, is where you should be. Happy writing.


4 thoughts on “Personality and creativity

  1. Yes I agree everyone has a different method and often we change the time, place etc to suit our moods and writing needs. Ideas have come to me while sitting on a bus and my notes are made on paper carrier bags, which must look odd to other passengers.


  2. You right @sarah…but a person’s creativity will be suppressed by judging him through his knowledge….for ex..many of the students sportsmen ship will be judged through his grades but not through their skills….if a student has a good grade then his skills will suppressed just to improve his school grades….& this should not happen…..thank u for d one d best article..

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