Control Freak Alert!

Today I’ve been contemplating whether or not it’s OK to manipulate people in to doing what you want, when you think it’s in their best interest. This is a potential problem for me because I have quite definite control freak tendencies when it comes to the people I love. It’s not that I actually want to control them, in fact the opposite is true, I’ve spent the children’s entire lives encouraging them to be confident, independent, free thinking individuals, it’s more that the need to protect them from hurt is so strong that I have an overwhelming need to try and fix their problem for them. So as a very persuasive person is it OK to manipulate someone?
The conclusion I’ve come to is a definite No! I believe I am entitled to an opinion. I can offer suggestions and advice, that they may or may not choose to follow, but their lives are not mine. Something I believe may be worth the risk, they may not. Some one I think is unsuitable, might be the love of their life.
I’m sure my children have grown up to be good people and I trust in their judgement. So if you’re like me, trust in your parenting that your children have the necessary skills, that you taught them, to make their way through life and if your the child, know your parents are just expressing their love for you. And if your a control freak like me, take a few deep breaths before you open your mouth, you’ll find your friends and family are considerably more interesting with a remote control.


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