Finding inspiration


When authors say that their writing is completely fictional I often chuckle to myself, since inspiration has to come from somewhere. It’s impossible to live in a creative bubble removed from the influence of daily life. Nor do I believe we should be. People are a never ending source of inspiration. There are so many ways in which we love, laugh, live, scheme, lie, cheat, get revenge. I could spend my whole life people watching and never get bored.
Each of my novels contain snippets of myself and others I’ve encountered along the way. Never a whole person, just fleeting glances of a thought or action that has resonated in my mind. So thank you to the people who’s lives have passed mine, even for a second. And to everyone who has read a book and thought a character reminds them of themselves, hold your head up high and be proud, maybe you did inspire someone somewhere to write that novel, they always ment to, just by being yourself in the right time and place. 


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