Start your own praise chart

When we’re children most parents, family members and teachers are enthusiastic in their praise for every small achievement, which builds up a self image of a success, capable, worthwhile person. Unfortunately if you failed to have that experience then it can lead to long term feelings of inadequacies. In which case telling yourself that your great is not enough, you need to train yourself to believe it.
A praise chart is exactly the same as the ones used for children, except with different goals and rewards. The idea is to motivate behaviours that you want to cultivate and to give yourself visible proof that you are successful, which in turn raises your self esteem.
* use a diary or draw up a weekly chart. Put it somewhere that you will look at it.
* decide how many goals per day you’re going to set yourself. I would recommend starting at one or two if you have very low self esteem.
* chose a daily reward. This can be anything, favorite snack, drink, watching a program, pampering session.
* chose a weekly reward. If you manage all seven days goals give yourself a bigger treat and celebrate your success.
*stay on the same number of goals until they feel easy and then challenge yourself by adding a few more.
We all need that acknowledgment of success to feel value and pride, but there’s nowhere in the rule book says you can only get it from someone else. Be your own biggest supporter.


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