Loving yourself, isn’t that easy

All over the internet and media are self help quotes advising you to love yourself. I have to be honest and admit I have given people that advice too, on numerous occasions, but in all honesty it’s much harder to achieve than it sounds.
For most of us, our self impression is formed by the opinions of others throughout our lives. We tend to be more critical of ourselves and often take the blame for things that are not our responsibility.
So for anyone struggling this is my list of tips for getting a few steps nearer to loving yourself.
* Always be honest about the behaviour of yourself and others. Try and develop a detached analytical approach when you are viewing a situation. What was your role? What was theirs?
*Give the blame to the person who deserves it. Once you have considered the situation, honestly aportion blame. Take responsibility for what you did, but do not take responsibility for the other person.
*Be honest with yourself. If your OK with your behaviour, don’t be swayed by the opinions of others. Loving yourself is about learning to like who you are.
*Recognise your own qualities. It’s easy to get an impression of yourself based on what someone else says, especially if they say it a lot. But look inside yourself, is what they say actually true? Parents, friends, even loved ones all have their own agenda, which they subconsciously push on to you.
*Recognise your own worth. People treat you in the way that you expect, so expect to be respected, loved and valued.
Loving yourself is a long term goal, but if you can honestly like yourself, your well on your way to achieving success.


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