Self belief is the key to success.

Other than love, self belief is the most important gift you can give your child. It’s also one of the most valuable skills you can learn as an adult. It allows you to believe in yourself and to take on the challenges that are thrust upon you.
Self belief is the corner stone of your personal identity. If you can’t believe in yourself and your value as a person, then it’s impossible to love yourself or see your own worth.
Also if you don’t believe in your own abilities then how will others? What we feel about ourselves we subconsciously project to others. It’s in our demeanour, our speach, the lifestyle we choose, even our choice of friends and loved ones.
It’s the one major factor in changing anything about ourselves, since its impossible to change without the belief you can.
We all have skills and ideas. Some are measurable by conventional tests, others are not, but that doesn’t make them less valid or important. The ability to make someone smile is far more important in my opinion than a knowledge of the times table. Happiness is a priceless gift. So it’s time to start recognising your own gifts and to start believing in your ability to use them.
* look at your self in the mirror every day and tell yourself you are worth it. Your opinions and ideas are important and you believe in yourself.
* take pride in your accomplishments, no matter how big or small.
* whatever you want to achieve in life, believe you can and don’t let the doubters sway you from your chosen path.
* remember the measure of success is a happy life. Money, status and possessions are nice, but they are a lot easier to achieve than true happiness and contentment.
*acknowledged that there will always be people who want you to be insecure and unsuccessful due to their own inadequacies. Recognise their behaviour for what it is and believe that you know what is right for you.
Even if your own belief is shaky right now, I believe that each and everyone of you is a unique, valuable individual, who can take on the trial of life and win, if you give yourself the chance. People believe in impossible things every day, it shouldn’t be impossible to believe in the one person you can always rely on, Yourself!


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