Feeling lethargic


Sometimes the whole world seems to be speeding by, everyone is doing something and I’d rather not join in. I have an overwhelming desire to hide my head under the covers and just stay in bed. I feel disconnected and too tired to engage with the world.
But staying in bed and hiding away is not an option. Life is for living and you owe it to yourself to make the most of every minute.
So how can you recharge the batteries without becoming a hermit?
1. Yoga is a brilliant form of mental and physical exercise.
2. Listen to soothing music for a peaceful interlude before cranking up the volume for something loud and lively that gets you moving again.
3. Take up an art inspired hobby. Creativity is good for allowing your own self expression to flow.
4. Long walks in the countryside or on the beach.
5.gardening, getting back to nature is the best way to feel reconnected.
6. Healthy eating
7. No alcohol
8. A good nights sleep
9. Read a book
10. Spend time with friends and family.
I’m sure many of you can list even more. My personal favourites are to go riding or walk my dogs. Whatever works for you is OK, just get out of that bed, get dressed and get out there. It’s your day.


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