Loneliness part 2- get a pet


There are many advantages to pet ownership for improving your emotional health and wellbeing. The type of pet you have will obviously depend on your own preferences, accommodation, time and finances, but even a goldfish can help combat loneliness.
1. Pets provide companionship. They are there in your home, they become your family and are always there to welcome you back.
2. They provide routine and structure to your day.
3. You can tell them all your problems and they’re always willing to listen.
4. They offer unconditional love.
5. The repetitive action of stroking an animal reduces stress.
6. Dogs are great for encouraging you to be more active and dog owners tend to be very sociable so you will soon get to know the regulars on your walk areas.
7. Pet training is a challenging and engaging occupation.
There are thousands of rescue animals living in centres across the world who are lonely too. All waiting for that one person who is willing to give them a chance. Why not stop your own loneliness and theirs by finding your self a life long friend.


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