Why me?


Why me? Is the most commonly used question in the English language. Why do I pick the wrong partners? Why do bad things only happen to me?
In truth they don’t, but it’s easier to imagine some outside force, call it what you will, having dominion over our lives, than it is to take responsibility for our actions.
Far better for our own self image to imagine that our own behaviour has nothing to do with any poor decision making skills.
Giving up the why me? Attitude is an enormous hurdle but for those that achieve it, its an empowering experience.
Why me? Becomes I shall, I think, I will. Understanding your own nature and decision making process is the key ingredient to developing self awareness.
Start with the simple questions. Why did I make that choice? Did it turn out like I expected? What did I do to make it turn out like it did? What would I do differently in future? You can apply these questions to anything . focus on your emotional responses as well as your practical ones. Learn what makes you happy, sad, angry, excited. Explore and develop your emotions and most importantly never be afraid to try.
Why me? May not be a great situation, but you’re a million steps further towards having a for filling life than those who are too afraid to try.
Why me? At least suggests you did something. You gained an experience, even if it didn’t turn out quite like you expected. There is value in every experience if you have the bravery to look for it. Dig deep, give yourself a chance, why me? Today could be I did tomorrow.


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