Skye update


For those of you wondering how my delinquent dog is progressing I’ve got great news. His lessons on the lead are continuing to go well and he can just about manage to pay attention to me for the first ten minutes of his walk off lead before the lure of the unknown tempts him and his disappears off in to the wide blue yonder.
I’m sure some of you are probably wondering why I continue to take him for walks without a lead when it involves chasing him around the tangled trees and plants of the forestry each time. The answer is simple, to gain trust you have to give trust. There is no point in me teaching him if he isn’t allowed the chance to explore and develop the skills he’s learning.
Speaking of new skills Skye has discovered his voice. For the last three days he has begun to howl, loudly and joyously at the dogs across the valley. He used to bark at them, daily, morning and night, but now he sits by the back gate giving a series of long, low yodels before going off to play.
I have no explanation for his new behaviour. He is definately not ill, unhappy or in pain. Once he’s finished he happily plays in the yard with his two best friends. If you can explain this new event, let me know, I’d love to know what goes on in his big soppy head.


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