Just Me

I’ve had a number of people comment that I don’t write as though I have a degree. I have in fact a degree in psychology and studied English literature at
degree level but I don’t write like a graduate for a very simple reason, its not the sum total of who I am. It’s just one small facet of me. I’m a Yorkshire girl born and bred and im proud of my accent.
I’m a wife, a mother and step mother to a group of fantastic individuals and I’m a Nana to ten amazing children that I love with all my heart.
I’m also a friend, a horse rider, an animal lover, a writer, and a personal development coach.
I love to read, to sing, dance, walk, paint and ride. I’m a loyal friend and a nasty enemy. I’m quick to laugh and have a blazing temper. I’m enthusiastic, loud and opinionated. All those things along with many more are a part of me.
Writing for me is a form of self expression. I want to connect with people and have them know that my thoughts are mine, straight from the heart. Not hide behind complex sentences and a stale crusty academic style.
So love me or hate me, I’m the girl from Yorkshire who wants to help make the world a better place. In my own style, using my own voice.


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