Trying to loosen control


Peanut, seen here with his favourite kittens, is a control freak. He needs everything to be exactly the same or he becomes very nervous and agitated. This not only includes furniture and feed bowls, it extends to the location of every person and animal on our small holding.
So we are busy trying to help him accept that life is full of changes and help him to embrace them.
Since his biggest neurosis revolves around our youngest kitten Mopsy it was a difficult day for Peanut because Mopsy is finally old enough to start exploring outside with our other cats.
We took her outside in to the yard, with Peanut barking madly on his lead, and put her down on the straw bales in the largest barn. Peanut watched anxiously whilst Mopsy happily climbed about the bales.
With the help of several doggy treats we persuaded Peanut to leave his guarding post and come and help feed and water the horses. (His favourite job)He was being his usual helpful, enthusiastic self so I let him off his lead, enabling him to dash from horse to horse in greeting. By the time we had got as far as feeding the chickens I was starting to hope he had forgotten about Mopsy in the barn.
But no such luck, as soon as he had finished his jobs Peanut dashed straight back to the barn, gathered up Mopsy and ran back in to the house, placing her back in front of the fire, where he thinks she belongs.
Better luck next time.


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