Happiness comes to those who get off their backsides and look for it.


As much as I try to post positive self help posts i don’t believe in selling anyone short. The world although magical in its way is not going to miraculous fall at your feet whilst you do nothing.
Changing your life is a pro active event which requires not only determination but perseverance as well.
If you don’t like your job you can change it, but this may require you to take a course, go back in to education or apply for several hundred other ones until you find what you want.
Same with your body type. You can choose to loose/ gain weight, join a gym, wear underwear that flatters. But if you don’t follow through with the idea, you will stay looking exactly the same.
You can change your appearance in a million ways, but you need to make the decision about how you want to look and then follow it through.
If you’re in a rubbish relationship, you need to make the decision to leave and not go back. If you’re single you need to make choices about how you are going to approach meeting people. Join that dating agency, club, group, get out and meet people. Follow through on dates and don’t talk yourself out of them. Keep trying until you find the love and happiness you deserve.
Happiness is out there for everyone and I have no doubt that you can’t achieve it, but only if you work for it. Every day take another step on your road to discovery and if you falter along the way, get back up, dust yourself off and carry on.
This is your life, your journey and whilst I’m happy to be along for the ride, all the success and happiness you achieve will be yours alone.
This is your wake up call. Your new life starts today, welcome to where ever you are.


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