Heroes are here!


What makes a hero? Do they need to be exceptional or can a normal guy just trying to make a difference do just as well? It’s a tough choice when it comes to novel writing. I personally like to take my inspiration from the world around me and in my experience heroes are exceptional.
They are the people not afraid to be different. The ones who believe that you should help your fellow man. The brave pioneers in a society that has become selfish and insulated.
You don’t need to have super powers or millions of pounds. You just need integrity and the bravery to have that one voice that says no. Heroes are needed everywhere. How many times have you seen someone being hassled on the bus or train? Someone being abused or assaulted in the street? Don’t avert your eyes or pretend you can’t see, step up, make a difference. If we all found that inner hero the world would be a much better place.


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