Confidence building with Tallulah


Confidence is an important skill to develop whether your a child, an adult or a shy, excitable puppy.
One of the easiest ways to develop confidence is to learn new skills. The more things you find you can do, the greater confidence you have in your own abilities.
With that in mind I’ve started teaching Tallulah agility. She’s still working on basic commands, but since she’s a bit of a butterfly brain I like to change things up and give her other activities to challenge her mind. Today was the table. The idea of the exercise was to step up on to a platform, stand to the count of five and then climb down the step on the other side. Should be easy for a puppy who regularly jumps a four ft fence to roll in the mud with our horses.
Not today it seems. Tallulah decided the platform was the most terrifying thing she had ever seen and refused to go near it.
Since you can’t bully anyone in to being confident we went for a much slower approach. Tallulah watched nervously whilst I sat on the platform holding her favorite doggy biscuits. After a while she took a step forward, for each step she got a treat. Very soon the platform was her new best friend. She can now proudly run up one side and down the other. (Barking wildly so all her friends watch her)
The same approach works for people, (although I wouldn’t recommend with biscuits) dare yourself to try something new to day and reward yourself for a job well done.


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