Make moving in together magic.


Moving in together should be the next exciting step along the road of your romance. Whether this happens before or after marraige there is the same details to consider if you want to live blissfully in your love nest rather than a seething, resentful warzone.
It’s easy to imagine life together being perfect, when you’re dating and on your best behaviour, but for many it rapidly disintegrates once the reality of cohabiting surfaces. So here’s a few things to consider.
1. How is the rent and bills going to be divided? Make sure you agree this in advance. Opening an account for bills which you both direct debit your share in to, often works well.
2. Agree how chores are to be divided. It might sound really boring and unromantic but there’s nothing breeds resentment faster than someone not pulling their weight.
3. Make furniture, decorating, entertaining and anything else to do with your accommodation a joint decision.
4. Buy two televisions, sounds silly but its amazing how many arguments are caused by television programs.
5. Remember to still make an effort. The person they see on your dates is clean, well groomed, dressed to impress. They are not smelly, wearing baggy old sweats and slobbing on the sofa. That’s not to say you can never do those things, but it does pay to regularly remind the other person why they fell in love with you.
6. Have date nights. Doesn’t have to be expensive. You can even stay in, have a candle lit dinner, just as long as you spent time talking and connecting.
7. Most important point of all. Talk to each other. There are far less misunderstandings and disappointments if you share what’s on your mind.
Love is a wonderful thing but like any thing in life that’s worthwhile it requires effort. If you put the effort in it can be everything you’ve ever dreamed of.


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