Positive thoughts testing


Training sky this morning was a real test of my positive thoughts mantra. He’s finally gained enough good health and confidence to start disobeying like a typical puppy.
Unfortunately he only has a limited range of English commands since prior to his arrival he had only encountered Bulgarians.
Today I thought I’d work on his sit, heel and leadwork commands. Here and heel were going great. Sitting not so much, every time I pressed his bottom down he took that to mean he should leap up and slobber all over my face. Which is not such a  pleasent experience with a large 40kg dog.
After his lesson I let him off his lead to have a sniff around the garden. He leaped straight over the garden fence and charged across the horse field at high speed. Knowing my neighbour has sheep in his field I set off in hot pursuit. Sky charged round our field twice, staying just out of reach and then squeezed under the hedge and out in to the forestry which borders our house.
Wheezing badly, (I’m a chronic asthmatic) I pursued him quickly. Arriving at the top of the crest of the hill just in time to watch him skating across the frozen pond. By this point I was starting to think I’d never catch him, when suddenly he ran over to me and sat politely at my feet, waiting for his lead to be attached. We walked home with sky demonstrating the perfect heel exercise. So positive thoughts for the day, I got some much needed exercise and hopefully some of sky’s lessons are going in to that loveable, doppy brain of his.


2 thoughts on “Positive thoughts testing

  1. Hello!
    I hope you’re all right after the running up and down on the field. I have a German Shepherd at home, he’s quite similar to your dog (big, fluffy, cute, wants to lick your face), and I love him. I had a Labrador before, and he was more energetic than my Shepherd, and he was more difficult to train, I think. In my opinion: language doesn’t matter. You could have a Chinese Chow Chow, raised up by Chinese people, it doesn’t matter. I remember, I only trained my dogs to react to their names, if I call them, come back to me. If you don’t want to get your dog to work (as I see on the picture, it’s a shepherd-kind of a puppy), then you can train him by body language. If he’s easily distracted, train in a secured area, and don’t let him run free outside until he comes back when you’re shouting his name. If I stand before my dog, raise my palm up and bend my body a little, he sits down. If I point on the ground, he lay down. He can roll over without any spoken command. I don’t say I’m the new Caesar Millan, I’m just saying what kind of experience I have. 🙂
    Take care!

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