Dealing with rejection -relationship


Being rejected by a loved one can be one of the most painful experiences you can experience. It hurts our pride, damages self esteem and leaves us feeling lost and alone. But you can and will bounce back if you follow a few simple little rules.
1: Give your self chance to grieve. It is a type of a loss and you should allow yourself to morn. However this does not mean wallowing in definately. Give yourself a few days and then begin to limit how many times a day you think or talk about the situation. Gradually reducing the time allowed until the other person has no significance at all.
2: Do not phone or drunkenly text them begging them to come back. If everything has been said and they have made the decision to walk away, save some dignity because further rejection will only damage your self esteem further.
3: Remind yourself it will get better, every time you need to.
4: Build up your social life and interests. The break down of your relationship will only appear as a gaping hole in your life until you fill it with something else.
5: Do not dive straight in to another relationship. Give yourself chance to adjust and develop as an individual.
6: Be kind to yourself. You are the one person who will always love you.
7: Tell yourself every day that you are a beautiful, worthwhile, person, who does deserve to be loved.
8: If your partner left for a valid reason, such as your behaviour, alcohol, drug abuse, violence, get help. Start working on your problems so that when you meet someone new you’ll be in a better place to start a relationship.
Most importantly never loose sight of who you are and who you want to be. People will come and go but your inner self will always remain, so be your own best friend.


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