Are they the one?

In a society focused predominantly on sexual attraction and instantaneous gratification how do you know if you’ve met your soul mate? It’s actually a lot easier than you’d think. To begin with learn to separate the person from their situation. Being with the right person should be effortless. That doesn’t necessarily mean being in their life will be easy. People have all sorts of baggage that they drag from one relationship to another. But you should be able to talk to them. Feel comfortable enough to be yourself in their company. You should look forward to seeing them and enjoy the time you spend together. Every thing about your time together should fill you with a happy glow.
At this point I’d just like to point out that dating and being in a relationship are two entirely different things. Far too many people move swiftly on from one to the other without really getting to know the other person and then find themselves with an unsuitable relationship, that they are trying to save, after only a few months. I have only one question here, why?
If it doesn’t work, accept it. The whole point in dating is getting to know someone. Some people come in to your life for a long time and others only for a very brief one. There’s nothing wrong or unusual in that, but it saves a lot of heartache if you learn to recognise the difference.
If your connection with someone is good and makes you both happy then it’s worth any amount of baggage. But if it feels like work, or wearing your shoes on the wrong feet, let them go. There’s a world full of interesting people out there for you to meet, so don’t settle for less than a love that makes you happy all the way down to your soul.


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