Where did individuality go?

I have always liked to be different and anyone who knows me will agree I’ve never been afraid to go my own way, but I look around now and wonder when did society drain all the individuality out of people?
When did people become like clones or shadows of the past? Teenagers go about in matching outfits and hairstyles. Many of the girls with a uniform orange tan. Fashion designers troll out styles that have been done a million times before. Politians the world over spout the same political policies. Even some author’s are advertising their books are the same as some one else’s.
Where is that precious unique thought? The desire to see the world in a new and beautiful way. The pioneer  spirit to go out in to the world and explore all its wonders.
I’m sure we all have one. Somewhere under all the monotony is a unique person waiting for a chance to break free. Why not give yourself that chance. Buy that outfit you love, but know your friends will hate. Listen to your taste in music, do the things that make your heart sing. You’ve been in the chrylisis of conformity long enough, its time to realise your inner butterfly.


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