Please remember the rescue animals this winter.


Now winter is upon us please give a thought to your own pets and those not lucky enough to have a home.
Not all dogs and cats have enough hair to manage the cold without wearing a coat of some kind and some just don’t like to get wet. Whereas others will be out having a great time splashing in puddles and digging in the snow. Which ever you have I hope you’re enjoying winter together.
Please remember dogs should not be left outside without a weather proof kennel to be able to get out of the cold and many require extra food to maintain their body weight because they’re using extra energy to stay warm.
If you have spare dog coats and blankets please donate them to your local kennel for the dogs who aren’t lucky enough to have their own.
And if you’re looking for a pet please consider giving a rescue animal a try. They may not be as cute as a puppy, but they are loyal and loving and desperate to be someone’s best friend if only they were given the chance. I have a house full of rescue animals and each one is a blessing. Their enthusiasm for life is contagious and their devotion unquestionably.


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