Letting go of pain and regret

Have you had or are in a relationship that causes you pain? Do you regret the time you’ve put in to being with someone? Pain and regret are two of the hardest feelings to cast aside, but they are also two of the most destructive if you hang on to them.
I don’t necessarily believe you have to forgive to let go. Sometimes forgiveness is impossible. What you need to do is accept the situation. Take what knowledge you can, so that you can spot potential similarities in future relationships and then let it go.
It may help to make a list of the things that have caused you pain and regret before you do this, to help focus your mind.
Find a warm, comfortable, safe place. Play soothing music if it helps you to relax. Then close your eyes and breath deeply. Allow every part of your body to relax and clear your mind. Once your relaxed visualise your pain one item at a time and see yourself pushing it out of your body and away from you. Disown it and cast it from your mind. Continue until you get to the end of your list.
Once you’ve finished fill your mind with positive thoughts and memories until you feel at peace.
It make take a few goes because its a difficult skill to learn but definately worth the effort.


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