Introducing the destructo puppies


Since most of what I post is of a serious nature I thought I’d lighten the mood occasionally by updating on the daily hell that is my three beloved delinquents. Tallulah (the small black) is a six month old horror, who likes to pull trousers, eat DVDs and lick people. Peanut ( the tan in the red coat) has just celebrated his first birthday. He is completely neurotic and loves his collection of kittens. Except when they move from where he thinks they should be. Mostly he spends a lot of time lining them up on the sofa.
Sky is the largest and silliest. He’s approximately one and majorly destructive. So far with the help of his best friends he’s eaten four sofas, two sets of curtains, wallpaper, door frames and a whole collection of shoes. His other hobbies include jumping up and pulling washing off the line.
Hope you can join me on the bizarre and uphill battle to train them to behave better.


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