Perpetually feeling down? Lethargic? Can’t drum up enough enthusiasm for life?if these feelings go on for more than a few days you may be suffering from depression. Depression is a very serious illness which will seriously damage your quality of life. Fortunately the majority of people recover from even the most serious cases.Common symptoms include: inability to concentrate, loss of interest in food, friends, hobbies, sex. Difficulty sleeping.
There are several types of depression including,
Psychotic depression- where you have breaks with reality, FALSE beliefs, hallucinations.
Postpartum depression- where hormonal and physical changes coupled with caring for a new born is overwhelming.
SAD- seasonal affective disorder- depression coinciding with winter.
Persistent depressive disorder- depressive mood lasting more than two years.
Major depression – which may be one or more episodes.
If you think you might be suffering from any of these I would strongly recommend going to your doctor. However there are a few ways you can also help yourself. Motivation is an enormous problem so make yourself targets for everyday. These can be really simple like getting out of bed, having a shower. For each one you achieve give yourself a treat. Again doesn’t have to be anything major, could be watching your favourite DVD.
Try and make yourself leave your house daily and speak to a least one person. This might just be hello to the counter staff in your local shop. Its very important to maintain contact with the outside world because its too easy to become a recluse.
Try and exercise every day. Nothing lifts your mood quicker so its worth forcing yourself to try.
Try and find hobbies or interests once you start to improve because they will encourage a continued positive mood.
Talk to people about how you feel. The saying a problem shared is a problem halved, is true.
Most of all don’t give up hope. No matter how dark the day becomes, you are worthwhile, your life is worth living and you will come out the other side.


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