To date or not to date

This advice is aimed at relationships but could also be applied to friends. Do you feel you always get treated badly? Put far more time and effort in? Get cheated on repeatedly? Well you’ll be pleased to know you don’t deserve the treatment you have been receiving, you’ve just been selecting partners badly. So here’s a few suggestions to help you make smarter choices.
Be critical about the information you know about the other person. Just because they look good or appear nice doesn’t necessarily mean they are.
Do they have many ex partners? Listen to their explanations of breakups, is there a running theme? Someone who has had a vast number of partners is likely to be either emotionally insecure or a really lousy partner.
If they have children, do they have custody/ access? If not, why not? You can tell a lot about a person from the way they talk about they’re family and friends. Listen out for signs of resentment, where none is needed.
If they are in a relationship when they meet you, you can almost guarantee they will have no quarms about cheating on you when the first flush of excitement fades.
Consider how they speak to you. Do they listen to your opinions and care what you say? Are they complementary and considerate of your feelings? Someone who loves you doesn’t deliberately treat you badly and insult you. They try to make you happy, get along with your friends and family. Be an active part of your life, in a positive way. My personal motto is, if they don’t make you happy, let them go. After all you don’t need someone in your life to do anything for you. You are capable of doing it for yourself. So if they don’t contribute to your happiness they’re pointless.


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