Always see the beauty.


Eighteen years ago my youngest daughter came in to my life and it signalled the start of an amazing journey.
She was diagnosed a selective mute at four years old, with an inability to function in groups or around strangers. From that point on all most people, outside of our family, have ever seen are her limitations. So for all those out there who may be going through something similar, I want to share how I see my amazing girl.
She is the bravest person I have ever known. She may find it difficult to talk sometimes but she’s faced down numerous dangers including robbers to protect her pony.
She loves to dance and sing and has attended dance classes for most of her life. She may never have spoken a word but the joy she feels is written clearly on her face. She is kind to everyone and will try hard in her own way to help others. She expresses her love by drawing cards and giving them to us.
She has an affinity with animals that means they trust her immediately and her quiet, gentle nature allows her to be able to calm any horse. She works tirelessly without complaint to help rehabilitate our rescue animals. Her only concern is their happiness and wellbeing.
Where others see limitations, I see a girl who’s taking on the world in her own way and she wins a little more everyday.
If you have a child like her, let them shine. Just because they don’t conform and have different ways of doing things, doesn’t make them less, it makes them more. Each and everyday they climb a mountain of difficulties and yet still manage to find the goodness in their hearts to be loving and happy. How many of us can make the same claim?
My daughter is and always will be my perfect miracle. I wish you all joy with yours.


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