There are many times in our lives when we require closure to be able to move forward with our lives. Sometimes its possible to talk to the other person involved, but at other times it isn’t, so what then?
Here’s a few ideas that might help you reach a period of acceptance.
1: imagine the other person is there and talk to them. This often works better if you’re looking at a photo or something they have given you.
2: write it all down. It’s often easier to get out what’s in your heart on paper.
3: write goodbye on a balloon and set it free.
4. Burn an item belonging to them as a symbolic release.
The most important thing to remember about the closure process is that you have to let go. Allow the pent up feelings to be released by the words or actions. Everyone has their own individual way of saying goodbye, whether it be to a job, a person, a relationship or a pet. There is no right or wrong. Take your time. Try to focus on positive memories because focusing on the loss and pain can become very corrosive over time.
Allow yourself to embrace something new. Build up your hobbies and interests, develop your social life to fill the void left by your loss.
Most of all be kind to yourself. You will know when you’re ready to let go.


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