Things to consider before dating someone with children.

It’s far more common now to meet a single mum or dad and there’s a few things that really need to be considered beyond they look good, I like their company and all the other usual thoughts that pass through your mind when meeting a potential partner for the first time.
So before you take the next step I want you to consider very carefully. After all if it all falls apart there will be more than just the two of you getting hurt.
1. They are not an individual. They are part of a package deal that involves children, an ex partner and the ex partner’s family.
2. They have responsibilities towards all those people before you.
3. The child’s needs must come first. So it doesn’t matter if you’ve just spent a hundred pounds on tickets to somewhere special, if that child is ill or upset for any reason a good parent will not go.
4. A good parent will not just allow you in to their child’s life. You will have to be prepared to take things slowly and earn that place.
5. If things become serious between you and you want to move in together you will have to take on a parental type role. It’s not enough to love the mother you need to love the whole package.
6. The child’s needs must be a priority.
7. The ex partner, if they are a good parent, will always be around.
8. If you move in there will be no honeymoon period where there’s just the two of you. It’s you who will have to adjust and fit in. They already have a routine.
If you can read through this list and nothing fazes you then good luck. I married a single dad and gained six beautiful step daughters and it was the best decision I ever made. If your not sure then walk away. Children don’t deserve to be damaged.


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