Feminism and romance writing

Since I’m often described as a feminist I have begun to contemplate how feminism can fit in to romance writing. I love historical romances with their slow courtships and dashing heroes, but in a modern society their rules have no real meaning. Now women are strong, independent and capable. They don’t need to wait for a man to approach them, nor worry about their reputation being compromised. They go after what they want with single minded determination.
But where does that leave us in terms of romance writing? I believe that inside each of us there is still that gentle heroine waiting to be swept off her feet by her very own hero. For me the most important part of feminism is having the right to choose. So our heroine can choose to enjoy the romance of having the man behave in a gentlemanly manner. She can choose to allow him to take the lead. She can choose to allow him to rescue her. After all she’s safe in the knowledge that if she wanted to she’s more than capable of doing it herself.


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