Dealing with anger- part 1 My anger.

Now some of you may be calm reasonable people and others more like me with an extremely volatile temper. Either way I’m sure at times we all get angry. So here’s my top tips on making that anger work for you.
1. Think before you let rip. Its very easy in the heat of the moment to let your mouth run away with itself and say hurtful things that are impossible to take back later.
As a side note here if you fail at this step and blurt it all out, don’t immediately apologize. Give your words some thought and decide if they needed to be said. If they did and your comfortable with it, let it go.
2. Try taking a few deep breaths before stating your concerns and opinions in a calm manner. People tend to listen more if you’re not shouting.
3.Walk away. If you’re getting nowhere. Give yourself a few minutes to collect your thoughts before trying again.
4.Identify solutions to whatever has angered you rather than focusing solely on the cause.
5. Don’t hold a grudge. There’s no point in stewing about it after the fact. Once you’ve both had your say, let it go. Everyone has disagreements but you can’t allow them to shape your whole relationship with someone.
If anger is shaping your relationship then you need to have a brutally honest look at your own actions, words and thoughts to see what you can change to stop the cycle. Its very easy to keep going over old ground but in the end your just hurting yourself.
If you find you have anger issues then taking up some form of exercise or yoga does help. As do relaxation exercises, deep breathing or listening to soft music.


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