New Year -New You!

New year is the perfect time to make those changes that you’ve been putting off. Feel dissatisfied with your self? Lacking confidence? Don’t feel your treated the way you’d like to be?
Well now’s the time for it all to change!
First things first. Starting with yourself. This is the hardest but most important step because loving yourself and having confidence in who you are changes other peoples perspective of you.
Step1: Take a brutally honest look at yourself in the mirror. Make note of all your good and bad points and then be honest about the ones you can change. For most of us plastic surgery isn’t an option, so you need to learn to love the parts you have.
If you feel too fat, too thin, not muscular enough, they are all things you can change. Improve your diet, get out and about walking, running, cycling, what ever sport you fancy, give it ago.
Exercise is also great for improving mood and confidence.
Consider your appearance, hair, clothes, makeup can all help you project yourself in a different way. Before shopping consider what your trying to say about yourself. Its often better to avoid up to date fashion trends and learn to cultivate a style that flatters your shape and your lifestyle.
Step2: Be honest about your own personality traits. Are you too soft? Bit of a pushover? Sarcastic? Inconsiderate? Knowing who you are is an important key in becoming who you want to be.
We all have three versions of self, the one we are, who we think we are and the perfect self. In most cases the three are completely different. With work we can make them one.
So consider the first two steps and tomorrow. We’ll discuss what to do with the information you’ve discovered about your self.


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