Facing the void.

Last week’s mental health awareness made me consider just how lucky most of us are without realising it. I’m sure most of us at some point moan aboutabout how difficult our lives are, but what if all the simple daily tasks we take for granted weren’t simple at all?
Imagine if getting out of bed felt like an insurmountable task or if getting dressed was a far bigger decision than you could cope with.Or you have a social phobia that makes interacting with others impossible. Some people have to face this and more everyday.
There are lots of types of mental disorders most of which don’t show to the casual observer. The individual may appear shy, quiet, sullen, over excited or any one of many perfectly normal characteristics. That’s because they are normal.
They’re just taking the world one day at a time just like the rest of us. They still want love, friendship, understanding. They still have hopes and dreams.
So isn’t it time we faced the voidvoid,ignored the mental health taboos and embraced individual differences. Found healthy ways to help people become part of society instead of prescription drugging everyone who’s different.
Does it really matter if everyone isn’t exactly the same? Are we robots or people?
In parts of Africa a person who hears voices is called a witch doctor and is a highly respected member of the community. In the UK we say they have a mental disorder. It’s all about perspectives.
As a society it’s time we changed and became more tolerant towards people who need more help and support. I for one am very thankful that each and every day I can face life’s challenges with confidence and I plan to try harder to appreciate those that can’t.


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