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Celebrated Syrian writer Nihad Sirees is in the United States this week, speaking at several universities as he also works on an abridged version of his Halet Shaghaff for Georgetown University Press:

nihad_sirees Nihad Sirees at Duke University.

Yesterday at Duke University, Sirees gave a talk on “Writing under the Gaze of Hafiz al-Asad.”

Sirees spoke extensively about the conditions under which he wrote his award-winning The Silence and the Roar, which was beautifully translated by Max Weiss and published in English in 2013. The novel has also been released in German, French, Dutch, Czech, and Italian.

At the end of the talk, Sirees spoke about trying to write in 2015, in Germany, where he has been living in “self-exile” after being forced to leave Syria in 2012 and, after that, to leave his temporary home in Egypt.

“I left Aleppo, my beloved city,” Sirees said, “which I wrote about…

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