no fairy tale…

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no fairy tale…

don’t fool yourself
with fairy tales,
dreams of happily ever afters

reality is grim, my brother
filled with ogres and demons
dying to trample your soul,

tear your flesh
with taloned fingers
and sharpened fangs

don’t be fooled by pretty promises
of candy castles
or gingerbread cottages

they are prisons proposed
by those who prey
on your fears and loneliness

wishing to bend you
to their whims, play
you for their pleasure

it will take more
than Prince Charming’s kiss
to replace the bitter taste

on your lips, the poison
which you have been spoon fed
in the guise of a sugary sweet remedy

resolve to steel yourself
for trials of terror
and nights of torment

through which, if you are strong,
persistent, there may exist
a hope filled dawn…


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