I’m back!

I don’t know how many of you will agree with this but I find winter a real problem for inspiration and enthusiasm. The cold damp days tend to make me bad-tempered and generally lethargic. Where we live it has the added problem of the internet signal going through the floor. Not something I ever considered to be a problem until I realised a large proportion of my life is on-line.
It got me thinking about how much modern life has changed. I don’t really remember when everything suddenly needed to be instantaneous, but I do remember the days before internet and mobile phones, Where you went to the shop to purchase goods and I’m not sure which was better.
People certainly interacted more when you needed to leave your house to complete daily tasks but there’s a lot to be said for home delivery and I have to admit I love it. I like the time you save by not walking round endless shops. The fact you can speak to anyone anywhere in the world just by the touch of a button.
So long live spring and the improved internet signal at my house.
Hello World I missed you.


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