Time keeping

As anyone who knows me will be able to tell you, time keeping is not a strong point of mine.
I always mean to still to a time table. Do regular amounts of work each day but in the end I never do. Something more pressing or interesting comes up and off I go without giving my writing a second glance.
I used to worry that this was a potential problem to my career as an author but as I go along I realise that it doesn’t actually matter since I gain my best ideas under pressure.
There’s something in rush of activity that makes me enjoy writing in a way that regular structured days just doesn’t achieve.
I enjoy the battle against time to get up to my previously set dead lines and the flush of pleasure which accompanies achieving my goal.
What ever your style of writing go with the flow because if it works there’s no need to change to suit someone elses idea. The best thing about the job is the fact we’re independent and able to pander to our own creativity.


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