Too much Christmas

Others may understand exactly where I’m coming from. The Christmas festivities whilst exciting and welcome always come with a high level of anxiety and stress. Financial considerations, present selection, coordinating all the wishes of family so that everyone has an equally enjoyable time.
I find myself putting work on the back burner. Changing my routine to be move accessible and then it’s all over.
A flatness fills the days. The house seems bare and unusually quiet and I find myself devoid of inspiration.
My usually loud boisterous nature becomes quiet and reflective. After all that socialisation I find I have nothing to say. No ideas to share or thoughts to think.
So I sit at my computer trying to garner enough enthusiasm to complete my latest novel.
Fortunately this feeling of emptiness rarely lasts for long. So it is with quiet exhaution I wish you all a very special 2015 and I will rejoin you all when my lively spirit returns.


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