Keeping novels on course

I find my biggest problem when writing is keeping the story line going in the direction I originally intended.
The problem is usually that as the characters develop my attitude towards them changes. Often I decide that the hero/ heroine wouldn’t behave in the way I originally envisioned.
So choices have to be made. Do I change the characters or plot?
Personally I change the plot. I now use a very flexible plot idea so that I can make changes without damaging the integrity of the whole.
Regular feedback is also a huge help. My youngest daughter and husband regularly read my work and tell me if it feels like its drifting off in to the hopeless unknown.


3 thoughts on “Keeping novels on course

  1. i don’t see this as a problem at all! This has happened to me, and it’s kind of fun not knowing exactly how your characters/plot are going to play out. That means you’ve probably brought your characters alive, and you’re just going where they take you. This is my opinion though 🙂 Good luck!


  2. Thanks Anthony to a point I agree except it’s not very helpful if you need to submit a novel draft guideline to editors for consideration. I try not to be too ridgid but without staying on track I could probably continue the story indefinately. I’ll definately take your opinion on board.


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