Give a rescued animal time.

It’s a little known fact that it takes a rescued/ regimes dog a minimum of six months to feel safe and adjust to their new home.
Most people assume that they will be so grateful that it will be instant love and happily ever after, then become increasingly frustrated when their new pet displays unwanted behaviour.
You need to really consider what your new pet may have gone through.
Neglect, cruelty, indifference, starvation, attack from other dogs, isolation.
The list of indignities that your pet may have endured before coming to what is hopefully their forever home is endless.
So poor animals are rescued and disguarded several times before they get to their special owners.
I agree that they may do many frustrating things on that road to recovery but please give your new best friend the two things he really needs, patience and love.
It will be worth it in the end and if you allow them to trust you no one will ever love you more.


One thought on “Give a rescued animal time.

  1. Our Willy from Afghanistan took 2 years. Our Wolf Child, Marcy, feral from birth, took more than a year. Looking back to how they were vs, how they are – incredible, but without the journey in between, the goods and the bads, sooo a great part of the journey that shouldn’t be missed. It makes the end result so much sweeter 🙂


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